Prospekt d.o.o., founded in Rijeka in 2005, is a creative studio that offers integrated marketing communication and development of contemporary web solutions services to its clients.

We create strong and recognized brands while at the same time find the best possible ways to communicate their values, all in order to facilitate placement on the market, increase sales and competitiveness as well as to achieve business goals. Our IT department develops software applications and web solutions aimed to improve business management and client promotions, by combining vast design and programming experience in today’s modern technologies.

The vision of our company is to be the creator of brands and solutions that not only meet, but also delight the customers and to be recognized on the market by the high degree of innovation and professional relationship with clients.

Since its establishment, Prospekt positioned itself as a stable and reliable partner in the development of comprehensive marketing solutions. Expertise, creativity, innovation and orientation towards clients are the main focus of both our company and our every employee. The company brings together individuals who possess strong skills and practical knowledge in the fields of graphic & web design, programming, economics and psychology.

Our team

    Martina Vasilj


    IT engineer and psychologist by profession. By being in charge of the key project developments, she is devoted to business processes, defining business objectives, monitoring workflow, as well as quality control.

      Leonardo Matković

      head of finance

      His main responsibilities relate to strategic and operational management of the financial department within the company.

        Mile Kušić

        project manager

        Responsible for managing key communications projects in the company. His 10+ years of experience within Prospekt, assures a timely and meticulous support for clients from the telecommunications, retail, oil business, tourism, banking and other business sectors.

          Goran Keserović

          sales manager

          Expert in recognizing client’s needs and creating personalized offers that provide solutions necessary for fulfilling their business potential.

            Nikola Šubić


            His daily tasks involve designing and creating visuals, developing graphical elements and overall visual identity for the purposes of web projects, all types of printed material, animation and illustration.

              Sanja Spajić


              Responsible for the design of graphical elements and overall visual identity for various types of printed materials and web projects. Works on maintaining the web content for WordPress and Limes CMS.

                Sergey Varlamov

                head of development

                Has extremely strong and broad knowledge in areas of modern web technologies. In charge of design and development of key programming projects in the company. Always eager to acquire new knowledge about trending and cutting edge technologies. Actively participates in our development strategies.

                  Maria Knežević


                  Responsible for the implementation of web pages and web portals, performs daily communication with the clients, as well as the technical support for them. Actively participates in the development of new products and services within the company.

                    Mateo Perčinić


                    Full stack web developer in charge of development for dynamic websites, mobile and web applications. Expert in Angular, Laravel and October CMS.