Year of St. Blaise 2016

Year of St. Blaise



We participated in the open contest for the visual identity: 2016 – year of St. Blaise, organized by the Croatian Designers Society. From a total of 25 applications received by the court of the technical committee, our work won the third place with their design solution “Hands of St. Blaise.”

Explanation of the work:

Thinking about the visual elements that characterized St. Blaise you will immediately think of his Byzantine crown, a model of Dubrovnik or a bishop’s staff. The charateristics of the standing pose he is in makes his hand position: right hand is raised in blessing, while his left hand down with the body and it holds the city. On these hands we based our creative concept.
The universal symbolism of the hand is the creative power, skills, treatment, tenderness, affection and mercy, and in the religious world, of course, prayer and blessing. All these features-symbols directly or indirectly we associate with the St. Blaise.

Holding hands in a sign of blessing, acceptance in a religious community or of God’s protection, we find even in the Old Testament (The hand of our God is upon all them that seek him – Ezra 8:22), and is just as topical today. The right arm of St. Blaise blesses the residents and their guests for centuries, and it should be pointed out even the annual celebration of the Feast of St. Blaise hands when during the procession the crowd around the altar is being bleessed with the relic of his hand.

With the other (left) hand St. Blaise is holding and protecting the city and all its inhabitants, making them safe and carefree.
Luko Paljetak says in his poem:
..” when I fall asleep, I sleep peacefully
and all night until dawn I sleep as a bird
and therefore let that hand on which city
our you hold doesn’t hurt you never, never, never.”

The base color of our graphic solution is red that radiates festive, ceremonial and ecclesial spirit. The impression completes serif font that exudes tradition. The main visual element are illustrated hands in the style of etchings, and between them is the inscription “2016. – years of St. Blaise”. The same composition we keep in all applications where a common element are hands: right left up and left right down. In this way, St. Blaise blesses and protects not only the 2016 – the year of St. Blaise, but all the events within it, as well as all the objects and means in which the visual identity is applied.