About Us

Prospekt is a creative agency that provides integrated marketing communication services and modern web solutions to our clients.

Our mission is to build recognizable brands that achieve set goals and facilitate your business process with our IT department designs and programs. We aim to make our clients as excited about our solutions as we are when creating them.

Expertise, creativity, innovation and customer orientation are the main values of our company.

Our team in Prospekt is made of individuals with high-level skills and practical knowledge in graphic & web design, programming, economics, and psychology, who above all love what they do.

Our team

    Martina Matković


    In charge of key project developments, defines strategic objectives and business processes as well as conducts quality control.

      Leonardo Matković

      head of finance

      Performs strategic and operational management of the financial department within the company.

        Mile Kušić

        senior project manager

        With fifteen years of experience behind him, manages key communication projects of the company.

          Ines Superina

          junior project manager

          In charge of procurement, creating marketing and communication strategies and client relations.

            Matea Potočnjak

            community manager/copywriter

            Creates and manages content for communication projects, social media and websites.

              Natalija Mihaljević

              digital marketing specialist

              Develops, creates and optimizes digital marketing activities.

                Sara Matejčić


                Designs visuals and graphic elements for web projects.

                  Nataša Alavanja


                  Designs visual materials for websites and illustrations.

                    Helena Zrinski


                    Specializes in UX/UI design.

                      Mira Žeželić


                      Applies visual solutions on various promotional materials and graphically prepares them for printing.

                        Sergey Varlamov

                        head of developement

                        Creates and leads key development-oriented company projects.

                          Maria Knežević


                          Brings designers concepts to life in the form of websites using HTML/CSS/JS.

                            Kristijan Marijić


                            Creates and maintains websites using PHP/HTML/CSS.

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