What is Limes?

Limes is a system for independent content management on the website fully designed by Prospekt company. It was built according to the real needs of users, and its main feature is the ease of the use that eliminates the need for programming skills and experience. It differs from competing products with the ease of use, considering that all changes made directly on the site (frontend). Anyone who knows how to use a computer, with the help of this CMS, can intuitively and based on a short presentation complement his website with the new content.

The system can be implemented with all sites with the option to upgrade additional features at any time (webshop, multilingualism, booking systems, etc.). Using Limes installation site on the Internet is just the beginning of creating an online presence of the client which he can constantly shape according to current requirements and needs of the company and business.

Our CMS is installed on over 100 websites of various ranges.