What is Lumens 5+

Lumens 5+ is an integrated modular software solution for higher education. The software covers all functionalities required to conduct business and activities of higher educational institutions. It is designed to the highest technological standards in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process and the needs of the modern knowledge society. This softwere enables users of all levels to independently perform all tasks and simple changing, updating, designing and personalizing their specific needs, without depending on the service provider.


Our softwere allows the management and administration multivariable implementation of individual or joint analysis and review, and obtaining datasheet and graphical reports in real time.


Lumens 5+ represents professor’s support in work and serves as a control panel for a series of activities carried out at the university and in their professional training.


This softwere is student’s channel of communication with the university and the professors and the ability to quickly and efficiently monitor their commitments and successes.

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