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Trade as an activity in the commercial and tourist company Jadranka Trade Ltd. has a long tradition that dates from the very beginning, since the founding of the company in 1947. Today Jadranka Trade Ltd. is one of the leading trading house on the Kvarner islands, which deals with the supply of hotels and restaurants, and also with wholesale and retail.
Jadranka Trade Ltd. employs 200 full-time employees, while this number during the season rises to more than 300 workers.

Prospekt has developed and assisted in the implementation of rebranding of this renowned company from Mali Lošinj. By introducing the new graphic elements and slogans Jadranka commerce has made a major step forward in the recognition of its retail network consisting of 19 buildings. Fresh and modern visuals are applied through all the aspects of the company, from primary means of communication (such as letterheads, business cards, business maps etc.), through promotional materials, external and internal markings and vehicles, B2B webshop, through internet and Facebook pages.

Jadranka TradeJadranka TradeJadranka TradeJadranka TradeJadranka TradeJadranka TradeJadranka Trade

Jadranka Trade  

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