Kaltenberg Adria

Located on Kukuljanovo, on an area of 10,000 square meters, since 2018 the Kaltenberg Adria brewery is the center of local beer production, storage and distribution.

The brewery first introduced two versions of Kaltenberg beer: Kaltenberg Pils and Kaltenberg Hefeweissbier, and the local Tars beer. Later on, the brewery produced two Ludwig craft beers: Ludwig’s Session and Ludwig’s Winter Hoppy Lager, as well as a dark König Ludwig Dunkel beer.

For this client, we designed the labels, cans, cups, promotional materials (flyers, banners, posters, wobblers, inserters for bars, billboard etc.) and created the design for a bus. In collaboration with the Kaltenberg Adria marketing team, we continue to create innovative campaigns and develop the Tars brand.

1 plavi tars bocacasa2 tars inserterflyer4 plavi tars majica6 nk rijeka tars bocalimenkacasa7 nk rijeka poster8 nk rijeka letak wobbler9 ekp bocainserter10 epk poster11 epk nkrijeka wallspace5 tars bus

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