Website redesign & digital marketing

Vitalis is a company founded in 2002 that provides consumers in Croatia with a wide range of high-quality products and solutions for drinking water.

Their offer includes water and bottled water appliances, filters that cool, heat, and aerate the water, and coffee machines and capsules.

The client recognized the importance of digital marketing and online presence, so we made a complete redesign of their website and created an order system via contact forms, through which customers can easily contact the company and send their inquiries.

The next step was to set up a LinkedIn profile and takeover the existing Facebook profile and refresh them with professionally designed profile and cover photos as well as photos for posts.

In the final step, we devised and implemented a strategy for digital advertising through Facebook Ads and Google Ads, so that the client’s message and products could reach a wider audience. We continue to manage the client’s social media presence, design posts aligned with the brand and the new website, and implement advertising strategies.

VitalisVitalis vodaVitalis voda

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