Project scope

GP KRK is one of the leading Croatian construction companies, currently employing over 900 employees. They carry out projects of national importance that have strongly integrated into the Croatian construction sector, and we support them in all communication and promotional materials along the way.

GP KRK dominates in high-quality, economical, and sustainable construction solutions. What the company achieves in its work will last for generations to come.


Based on the idea of a lasting legacy, we have created a visual identity for the 65th anniversary of the GP Krk company and applied it to all promotional materials for this special occasion.

Our design was composed of 65 lines, each representing one year of the company,, as well as the terrain that GP Krk influences through its work - shaping and transforming it.

Corporate graphic design

The company values its visual presence in their region and we support them by making everything from presents for their business partners, vehicle design to business and promotional materials.

By maintaining clean and formal visuals, every material communicates growth, stability, impact and trust, which are main values of GP Krk.

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